If God Wasn’t Real Part 4 (Who Has The Power? Who Is In Charge?)

Everywhere you look there is order. If God wasn’t real, who would be in control and in charge? Who would have the power over this world? Would it be man?

My key verse:
And when Simon saw that through the laying on of the apostles’ hands the Holy Spirit was given, he offered them money, saying, “Give me this power also, that anyone on whom I lay hands may receive the Holy Spirit.” – v.18-19


This is the fourth and concluding sermon in this series of sermons – If God wasn’t real. In these series of sermons we at first looked at a world that would be in utter darkness, morally and spiritually, if God wasn’t real.  In the second sermon we looked at a world that would have no rhyme, reason, or purpose if God wasn’t real.  The third sermon touched on the fact that there would be no love or salvation in this world if God wasn’t real.  The point of these sermons is to prove that God is not only real, but that He’s alive and well.

We concluded that God is certainly real because this world is not in utter darkness.  Though we live in a sick and corrupt world we have been enlightened both morally and spiritually; we have a sense of what is right and wrong both morally and spiritually.  We also concluded that there is purpose for our existence and for this world.  Lastly, we concluded that though this world is filled with hate there is still love in this world – God is love.  Without God there is no love and if God wasn’t real there would be no salvation, but we know love to be real therefore we no salvation to also be real.  Deep down inside of us we all have this burning feel due to our soul which was breathed into man’s nostrils when man became a living soul.

The soul has been our major proving point of God certainly being real.  God is the Creator, the highest of authorities, and the ruler of all.  One could say that man’s urge to be a ruler and authority comes from our soul.  When God created man He gave man dominion over the fish, the fowl of the air, the cattle, all the creeping things, and all the earth (Genesis 1:26).  We have this urge deep down inside of us, to have dominion, but power is not exactly what our soul is craving yet we, mankind, certainly crave power.

Man’s thirst for power

Deep down inside we have always felt that there is more to this world, and that there is more to us than meet the eyes.  Some men listened to their soul, and boy did they ever listen to it incorrectly.  Man wasn’t just happy with having dominion over the things, as God have given him, but man wanted to have over authority in his own image.  Man had that feeling deep down on the inside that there was a ruler over all things and tried desperately to make himself out to be like this higher authority.

When you take a look at the history of mankind you will see that our history is littered with men who thought of themselves as having some kind of power – trying to be like gods.  Pharaoh thought of himself very highly;  He was the ruler of a nation of people that had been in bondage for hundreds of years.  When Moses stepped to Pharaoh and told him that the one true God said to let his people go, Pharaoh denied Moses and therefore denied God.  You see, Pharaoh thought of himself as the highest of authorities; he thought himself to be a god.  There have been several kings, emperors, dictators, and oppressors who have thought of themselves as if they were gods.  Kings like Nebuchadnezzar thought so highly of themselves that they would make people worship their image.

You look at the world today and nothing has changed.  There are many people who walk around here wanting people to bow down and worship them.  People go about trying to and succeeding in gaining “positions of power” just so that they can feel like they have some authority over somebody.  Many will tell you that they want to gain wealth so that they can live comfortably, nothing wrong with that, but there are many others who feel that there is power in wealth and riches.  People even feel that they have power over whether you live or die with these weapons that kill.  I see all of these things and know that God is certainly real, and most definitely in charge.  Look at how crazy our world is with God and just imagine it without Him.

If God wasn’t real I personally know that we would not exist.  However, I will play along, momentarily, as if we could exist in a reality where God did not exist and I’ll tell you how life would be.  If God wasn’t real we would be living in a world of men who really do believe they have all the power there is – it would be a nasty world.  This world would be filled oppressors and oppression, and I feel that there would be nothing but death as one tries to oppose his will over the other.  People will say, preacher you’re being awfully dark about this, but the fact of the matter is that without the living soul God has given us we would be living in a very sick society.  Man worshiping other men, sickening.

False power realized

Simon, the sorcerer, was one of those men that had other bowing to him and worshiping his “power”.  Simon was smart enough to fool the people of Samaria into believing he had the power of God.  However, when Philip began to reveal the true power of the Lord even this sorcerer had to stop and marvel at the real power.  Simon became a follower and sought to buy real power when he witnessed Philip, Peter, and John working on behalf of the Lord.  Simon realized that his power absolutely paled in comparison to that of the real power of the Lord.

There was many men just like Simon who had to have their eyes opened to the one true power.  Pharaoh thought of himself as a god, but the Lord hit Pharaoh and his kingdom with plague after plague until Pharaoh relented.  Pharaoh was beaten into submission and had to let the people, that he thought was his, go.  God showed Pharaoh that he was nothing but a man and that God was indeed the one true God.  All of those old kings, emperors, dictators, and oppressors thought they were gods, during the times, but we certainly know that those men were nothing but mere men.  Why?  You see, all of those folks who thought they were great had to meet the same fate of the ones they felt they were over – they died.  Thank the Lord those men were not in control and in charge as they thought.

God came into this world and died, but God rose from the grave and demonstrated that He has all power in His hands.  I watched this week as people cried left and right about the warm weather.  People who hate cold weather wanted the cold “Christmas” weather because we have determined that it ought to be cold according to what we have witnessed over time.  Not only was it hot on Christmas, I literally broke a sweat on Christmas day, but it was nasty weather left and right with all of the rain.  In everything I look and find that God is in control and in charge.  When we begin to think we know everything, when we think we have some authority, God steps in and shows us our place;  God shows us who is the boss!  If God wasn’t real who would be in control? Who would be in charge?

The souls urging

Mankind has been pondering about the higher authority forever.  Man has always sensed that there must be somebody in control and in charge of everything.  It was this sense and feeling that led many to seek out and find this higher authority, and then lead them to pray to a higher authority.  Some prayed out of ignorance because they had not been enlightened.  Some felt the need to worship and they worshiped out of ignorance because they had not been enlightened – these people felt an urging from their soul but could not understand.  Others ignored the urging of their soul while others simply chose (and still choose) not to listen to their soul because the soul feels it needs to submit to the higher authority.

Our soul knows from where it came, and cries out to its Creator.  Our soul knows the One that is capable of making a way out of no way!  Some of us listened to our soul correctly and fed to the urging of our soul as we call on the One true God.  We understand full well what it was that God was telling Job when He asked Job, “Can you bind the Pleiades? (Job 38:31)”  We understand full well what God was getting at when He asked Job if he could “satisfy the appetite of the young lion.”  God was demonstrating His power and His control.  It is God that quenches the hunger of us all.  It is God that is responsible for the rising and the setting of the sun.  It is God that is responsible for the rotation of the earth.  It is God that is responsible for the all the works of this world and this universe!

The thing is that everybody can feel this feeling deep down on the inside.  It’s a burning feeling in the pit of our soul that tells us that there is a reason for the order we find in our universe – somebody has to be in charge.  I feel that this is what leads man to try so hardly to create order on this world, but we have listened to our soul incorrectly in trying to do that.  The soul wants to submit and allow its Creator to do what He do.  Our soul is telling us that all of this is real, and that all of this is true.

God removed the guilt of sin through His only begotten Son.  God will one day remove all sin from this world and bring about eternal place in His heavenly kingdom.  We feel that Heaven is real in the pits of our soul! It is our soul that gives us that desire to cry out to our Lord in prayer.  It is our soul that knows that God hears our prayer, and I tell you today that I am thankful He not only hears our prayers but that He also answers our prayers.  We know the truth that there is a higher being and we know Him to be the highest – God.

If God wasn’t real we would not have the knowing feelings that we do have.  Some will say that these are mere instincts, but it is our soul calling out to us.  When we believe in the Lord the Holy Ghost comes and abides and dwells with us (our soul).  Our soul has found what it was looking for, and we find peace in having the veil of this world dropped because the truth has been revealed.  God is real – there is no question about it.  We know that it is impossible for God to not be real and we can say that with full confidence.  God is alive, in control, and He is in charge.


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