If God Wasn’t Real Part 3 (There Would Be No Love, No Salvation)

Where does love come from? If God wasn’t real, what would we know about love? This is the third sermon in a series of sermons proving that God is real

My key verse:
And we have known and believed the love that God has for us. God is love, and he who abides in love abides in God, and God in him. – v.16


This is the third sermon in the series of sermons – If God Wasn’t Real.  In the first sermon we looked at a world that would be in darkness without God.  In the second sermon we looked at a world that would be completely random with no purpose.  We concluded that this world is neither morally or spiritually dark.  We also concluded that our life is not random but filled with purpose; purpose we may not understand, but deep down we fill that there is purpose in this life.

This week’s sermon takes a look at another look at a topic we feel we know something about – love.  Let’s take a look at the subject of love and what we think we know about love.  We’ll say that love is about passion, and we’ll say that love is about trust and companionship. I have often wondered where our definition of love comes from.  Is it an definition or emotion that naturally comes to us?  Is it a gut instinct that we have? Our thoughts on love seem to differ from that than other life on this planet.

When we take a look at animals we notice that there is no real concept of love.  Animals do not in any way have a thought process, especially a deep thought process, on love.  Animals have their mating seasons but essentially it’s all about procreation with the animals.  We on the other hand are completely different to our counterparts on this world – there’s a thought process to who we love.  Our love is not always easily given away and can be incredibly complicated.  Our love is often about finding our soul mate.  You see, our soul senses that there is a love out there for us so this brings about the question.  If God wasn’t real, would we know love?  Would love exist?

Where does love come from?

You see, we think we know a little something about love, but do we really know anything about love?  I was watching Castle (TV Show) the other day and the main character’s daughter was in a relationship with a boy.  She asked her dad, how can I tell when I’m in love?  She eventually concluded that she “just knew” she was in love because all of the songs made sense.  This led to the main character asking his detective partner how would she knew when she was in love and her response was just the same as his daughter – all the songs make sense.  How can we tell when we’re in love?

There are different kinds of love when you think about it.  There’s the conditional love of family; you love mom because she’s mom, and you love dad because he’s dad.  Then there’s what I would call childish/elementary love, that’s the “see a person, like him or her” kind of love, that we experience very early on in life.  Then there’s what I would call teenage love, that’s the madly infatuated but immature kind of love, that our parents would say you don’t know nothing about love.  Then there’s the adult kind of love where we’re still trying to figure things out, but we know our worth and don’t have time for games.  There’s also love that hurts and romantic love.

The point is that we have an “idea” about love.  We take time to think on love probably more than we do any other subject.  We know that we want to be loved, and we all have our definition about love.  Where does the thought process come from? Where does idea about love come from? Why do we have the need to search for our soul mate? I believe we must look to our soul to find the answer to the question about love; I believe that it is our soul that relays these feelings to us.  Everything always seems to point back to our soul, that feeling we have deep down inside about things.  Our soul is so important to us and it is the key that points back to our Creator, God.

Love is God, God is love

For us to understand love and where it comes from and why it exists we must take a look back at our Creator. When God created this world, this universe in which we live, He did so lovingly. God created this world and this universe for us.  He fashioned this world with everything we could ever need.  When He created the stars He gave us something to marvel at and dream about.  He gave us a gift when He created life.

When God created us He did so lovingly.  God took His time when He created man, this is completely different when compared to animals.  You see, God fashioned us in His image when He was going to work on creating us.  In creating us in His image God gave us a living soul.  That soul in which we feel deep down inside is a piece of God in which He breathed into us when He created us.  I want you to understand that when God created us He embedded in us love (our soul), and this is why we have an idea about love.

God’s love is not like our love.  God’s love is unconditional whereas our love is stamped with all kinds of conditions.  God loves us unconditionally.  he loves us regardless of the color of our skin; regardless of how much we have in our bank account.  He loves us even with all of our faults.  God lovingly gave us His Son to be our sacrifice and redeem us from our sin.  God gave Himself as a sacrifice for us to be able to live eternally!  The thing is, God did not have to do any of that for us!  That is love my friends, that is love. You see our soul happens to have a really good idea about what love is because it comes from the Creator.  We search madly for this unconditional love because our soul tells us that unconditional love exists – it is out there!

Love exists in this world

Without our soul we would not have the deep feelings of knowing that there is more to this world, that there is a purpose to life, and that there is a such thing as unconditional love. Our soul knows that there is a place (heaven) of happiness, peace, joy, and love which is why we try so hard to establish such a place here in this world.  We want that love, that’s deep down in our souls, which is why it is time for us to learn to listen to our soul and accept what is real.  We must learn to love again.

Our love has become very much childish and teenage-ish.  There are many who are able to find true love in this world, I certainly got to witness true love in my parents.  However, our love still goes back to the childish and high school ways of loving others based off of what they look like, how the dress, or how much money they make.  We choose not to love others based on what they look like, whether they have dark skin or light skin.  We choose not to love others based on their income class.  This is very childish, very teenage-ish, and very stupid.  Our love no longer comes from the soul but comes from the world – our love has become a worldly love.

When we begin to choose who we love based off of worldly values we then also begin to decide to hate others based off of the world – this is dangerous.  This also proves that God’s nemesis, the Devil, also exist and is very real.  God is love, and the Satan is the complete opposite of love.  Satan pits the world against the soul and would much rather your soul be hate filled than love filled.  Sadly, we (believers) have become some of the biggest offenders against love as we have started to sew seeds of anger and hate in the world.  1 John 4:17 tells us that our love should be made more perfect since we know love (God), but is our love really perfect? Do we love unconditionally as we should?

If you call yourself a Christian, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you ought to walk after His way; His way was all about love.  Jesus commanded that we love another (John 13:34-35).  Jesus didn’t say that we should love others that have the same color skin as us only.  Jesus didn’t tell us to go out and only love those who believe in the same ideals that we do.  Jesus didn’t say we should only love those who are apart of our class system.  God didn’t create no class systems nor did He create rules for us to love and judge others based on what they look like.  We are told, plain as day, to love one another.  Why? Because God is love and He loves unconditionally.  We are liars if we can’t genuinely love one another.

If someone says, “I love God,” and hates his brother, he is a liar; for he who does not love his brother whom he has seen, how can he love God whom he has not seen? – 1 John 4:20

Share that verse with somebody, especially one professes to believe in Jesus Christ.  We ought to listen to the One that has chosen to abide and dwell in us.  It’s a crying shame when we say that a dog is capable of “loving” better than we are.  (We fail to understand that the dog is being loyal according to conditions)  We should be better than this, my friends.  Love is in us and, the fact of the matter is that we know love is in us and can be in this world.  Why? Because love is deep down in our soul and there is nobody that will say they have no soul.

If we had no soul that would mean that God is not real, but the fact of the matter is we all know that we have a soul – there is no doubting that.  If God wasn’t real there would be no such thing as love nor would we have salvation because there would be no Jesus Christ.  We know that love is real and we know that our soul is real – God is indeed real.  We need to love better; we absolutely need to learn to love better.  We need to follow after Jesus’ commandment on loving one another.

And this commandment we have from Him: that he who loves God must love his brother also. – 1 John 4:21

Loving your brother does not mean just your flesh and blood or those that look like you.  We are all brothers. We ought to love one another as this was Jesus’ great commandment.


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