If God Wasn’t Real (Part 1) – A World In Darkness

If God wasn’t real, where would we be? Today’s sermon confronts the reasons some doubt God existence. How can we exist without a Creator?

My Key Verse:
Then Jesus spoke to them again, saying, “I am the light of the world. He who follows Me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” (v.12)


“What if your God isn’t real?” How often have you been asked that question? How often has it been insinuated to you that your God might not be real?  The first time I ever recall somebody making that kind of insinuation was back when I was in the sixth grade.  We were at lunch when a classmate told me that my God might not be real.  This was baffling to me because I had been in church all of my life so the idea that God may not be real sounded pretty insane.  Then when I was in the ninth grade another classmate flat out told me that he didn’t believe in a God, and that some all powerful God was not real.

What he said next is what I often hear nowadays when people come to their conclusion that God must not be real.  He said, “if God was real, there would be no poverty.”  How often have you heard that one?  He said, “if God was real, there would be no crimes.”  He continued to pour it on, “if God was real there would be no wars and no crimes.”  I understood very well what my classmate was saying then, and I understand it even more today when people mention those very same things.  Just this week, after the mass shooting in San Bernardino, the New York daily ran a front page cover that told the people – God isn’t fixing this.  The very first sentence you will read in their article is, “prayers aren’t working”.  Certainly not the first nor the last time I will hear or see somebody say prayer doesn’t work.

The frightening part about all of this is the fact that these statements are cheered and applauded by people who don’t know any better or believe that they do know better.  I am going to tell you today that the spiritual battle all of mankind face is only growing more intense.  With every battle that takes place, Satan seemingly draws more and more lost souls over to believing that God isn’t real.  Just look at the tools that Satan uses: anger, wrath, hate, and deceit.  All of these tools have really been on display for the past few years when you look at all of the killing, the terrorism, the dividing of our society over race related issues.  All of this mess, the stirring of the pot to get people to be angry towards the Lord, is being done by Satan.  It is a time old tale and attack that Satan has used before when getting the people to turn their backs on God.

I tell you today, don’t turn your back on God!  The fact of the matter is this, God is real! God is very real! The spiritual realm is very real!  We can’t fathom nor understand all of what goes on in this world because we fail to accept that there are many things going on behind the scenes.  Our logic can’t fathom nor understand how God works which is why we ask the question, why would He allow all of this madness to exist?  It is because of this madness that I can tell you that God, the Creator of all things, is real!  How do I know He is real?  How can I believe that He is real?  As bad as this world is, I know what the world would be like if He God was not real!  This world would be in complete darkness.

A universe with no God

Let’s look at this thing today.  How can there even be a universe with no God?  How could there even be an existence?  To even exist we and every possible universe there would need to be created.  How can something ever exist without ever being established or created?  Nothing just pops into existence without somebody creating it.  To exist, to be created, there has to be a creator!  For a picture to be painted there must be an artist to paint the picture.  For a building to be built there has to be an architect to make the plans, and builders to actually build the building.  Without the painter there is no picture.  Without the architect and the builders there would be no building.

Without a Creator there would be no existence – no anything.  This universe isn’t random.  If you believe there is a such thing an alternate universe, a parallel of universes, or even a multiverse I am telling you that all of what we know and don’t know has to have a Creator to create those things.  If there was no Creator there would be nothingness.  Can you even imagine or comprehend what nothingness is?  Sit there and try to do it for a moment.  Try to picture nothingness: no Earth, no sun, no solar system, no Milky Way Galaxy, no cluster of galaxies, no universe, or universes – nothingness.  Your mind won’t even allow you to attempt to do that or begin to comprehend nothingness, why not? Because deep down inside of us something tells us that we know better than to think that.  Something inside of you is telling you that there is more to all of what we know.

A universe with no Creator is simply something your heart won’t allow you to think is real if you were to just listen to that heart – your spirit.  We begin to understand that we certainly exist, that we were created, and that everything we know and do not know to exist had to be created by somebody.  The biggest hold up that folks face is whether or not the true God really did find us to be so special that He would tell us the truth to the mystery of existence.  Would God really send prophets to tell people the truth?  Would God really come to the world Himself to tell us the truth?  We find it hard to believe because we can’t comprehend why the highest of beings would waste His time with us when we hardly want to waste time on ourselves.

Here is a truth, we are special in God’s eyes; you are special in God’s eyes.  God did deliver His message to man through prophets and then by His son as it is said in Hebrews 1:1-2 –

God, who at various times and in various ways spoke in time past to the fathers by the prophets, has in these last days spoken to us by His Son, whom He has appointed heir of all things, through whom also He made the worlds

Do you really believe that man is capable of bringing such a wonderful message of being saved to this world by his own accord?  Do you really think so?  Don’t we often try to hold each other down? We very rarely want to see each other succeed, nonetheless would we want to tell them how to get to a place of eternal life and peace.  The message of being saved from sin is a message that can only come from God!  The Word of God is real.  It is that Word, mentioned in John 1:1-3, that was with God in the beginning and called all things into existence (made all things) that delivered this message to the world.  You see, that Word had once called forth the light during the creation process (Genesis 1:3).  The Word called forth the greater and lesser lights (Genesis 1:16), and then called forth all of the heavenly bodies in the expanse.  That same Word was used to shedding light into the existence that it created, and now that Word needed to shine some light down on us.  There is something about light; without light nothing around us would be revealed and we would all be in complete darkness.

If God wasn’t real

If God wasn’t real we would all be in complete darkness yet, we are an enlightened people, aren’t we? We have an idea of right from wrong; how can we have an idea of right from wrong?  What was good and right was shown to us, and what was wrong was also shown to us!  God had already revealed His ways of which were right to the people of Israel.  However, God created all men in His image and it is that morality which was breathed into man that spread through more than just one nation and gave mankind an idea (light) of right from wrong.  God then came to this world, to lift the veil, and told the world, “I am the light of world.  He who follows Me (the light) shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.”  If God was not real we would all be in complete darkness both morally and spiritually!

Morally we say we know right from wrong, but if God wasn’t real what would we know about morality?  Look at how we act now: we create poverty; we have created divides along the color of our skin; we have created oppression; we have created the wars.  Jesus said that we judge according to the flesh (v.15) which is most definitely true.  Our basis for judging anybody comes from our sense of morality but if God wasn’t real, and if there was no such thing as morality we would be living in a world that would be exponentially worse.  We would be living in a kill or be killed kind of world where nobody would have a sense of guilt or restraint.  What would we know?  What would separate us from being raging animals?  We certainly would not know or have an idea of right from wrong.  We would be in complete moral darkness.

Spiritually we feel deep down inside of us that there is more to just the green grass, blue sky, white sun, and universe as we know.  We feel deep down inside that there is a much better place than this world which is why we strive so hard to try and create/establish “peace”.  If God was not real we wouldn’t have a sense for trying to create a perfect place of peace, joy, and happiness.  If God was not real we would not be so determined to try and find spiritual happiness.  We try to do all of these things because deep down inside something is telling us that it a place of happiness and peace is as realistic as both you and I.  It is what we feel deep down on the inside, that piece of God, that we try to bring into this world.

We know God is real

You can logically try to decide that God is not real, but your heart (that is your spirit) is always going to tell you otherwise.  The truth has already been revealed in the Light of all of creation.  We feel deep down inside because of our connection to the spiritual realm.  If there was no God we would not feel such a deep connection to the spiritual realm; there would be no whispering in your ear of what is right and wrong.  I have had some people tell me they are heathens; what is that tell you that you are such a heathen? Do you believe it is you yourself that is making that declaration?  Your spirit is trying to tell you something and I suggest that you listen to that spirit.  You see, we have the morals of God dwelling inside of and those morals are based off of His ways.

Jesus, God in the flesh, not only said that He was the light of the world but He also professed to be the way, the truth, and the life.  The Light of the world (Jesus) showed us that way to live and He showed us the truth of this life.  What is that truth that He revealed?  Jesus revealed that all of us have sinned and have certainly fallen short of the glory of God (Romans 3:23).  Jesus revealed to us that there is certainly true evil in this world but that there is also good in this world, and it is that good which will one day overcome the evil of this world!  There is a reason why we believe in a heaven and hell, and it is not because we need to grant peace to our mind after a loved one passes away.  No, we feel deep down that there is a life after this life and that life is going to be grand.

Jesus revealed the truth in those myths and theories we had of a life after, but we could not understand what it was the Light had revealed to us.  The Light revealed that it is those who believe who would inherit the kingdom of God.  Jesus said that those who believed on the only begotten Son would not perish but have everlasting life.  The light revealed to us that we don’t have to suffer in our sins or who, but that we could have salvation over all things – we could be saved!  I say again to you, no normal man or woman would ever share such a gift with you!  If they knew of such a wonderful gift, or wonderful place, they would keep that secret to themselves.  Man would rather hold you down and keep you in darkness; think about how man has held each other back in the past and still do it now in the present.

I  was watching the Wiz Live the other night and the crows had a song they sang saying, “you can’t win.”  You ever have folks come into your life telling you what you can’t do; telling you that you can’t win or succeed?  We call those folks haters, right?  Well God tells us that we can win and have victory in Him!  God wants us all to come to the Light which reveals the way to winning in this life.  He tells us to come out of the darkness least you die in the darkness (John 8:24).  If God wasn’t real we would all be living in such a dark world, completely lost, and then end up dying in our sin.

Do not allow Satan to deceive you with all that is going on in the world.  Satan sits back and tries to shift all of the evil acts of ourselves to being God’s fault.  It is not God’s fault that we choose to oppress one another.  It is not God’s fault that we choose for folks to roam the street homeless and hungry.  It is not God’s fault that we run around shooting up and killing each other.  Sometimes I sit down and wonder to myself, should God clean up the mess that we’ve made?  We turn our back on God and say that He isn’t real, but then we want God to clean up our mess!  We would certainly love for God to snap His fingers and clean up our mess without us having to lift a finger because our logic, and Satan’s deception, tells us that God shouldn’t allow this stuff to happen in the first place.  All of what is going on in this world today reveals more and more just how much the world needs to come to the Light of the Lord.  We are getting wake up calls left and right to how Satan is moving about in this world, trying to blind those who are wide open and susceptible to being blinded by his darkness.

I tell you today that God is real because we have this message and this knowledge of His grace and Salvation.  Satan is busy trying to show you just how messed up the world is while God is telling you that you don’t have to be part of this world!  God is busy telling you that you’re better than what people have become.  We certainly can be better than what we have become.  For us to come out of the darkness we must acknowledge what is going on, in the world, but most importantly acknowledge the spiritual warfare that is taking place.  Come to God my friends.  God is real. His only begotten Son is real.  His Son, Jesus Christ, who is from above, shined on the this world to reveal all of these truths to us. The only way to come out of that darkness is to acknowledge the truth.


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