Called to Serve

Are you, as a Christian, called to serve? If your answer is yes: how do you know that you have been called to serve? This is a question we answer in today’s lesson

We as Christians have been called to serve. How do we know that we have been called to serve? We answer this question in today’s Sunday school lesson as we also take a look at one of the problems that the early church faced in Jerusalem.

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About Pastor Leo H. McCrary II

Rev. Leo H. McCrary II

Rev. Leo H. McCrary II was licensed to preach August 12, 2012, and ordained April 28, 2013. Currently pastors at Christian Unity in Douglasville, GA and online through New Found Faith.

Questioning Your Faith?

You are saved by Faith - Eph. 2:8-9

Do I have to go to Church? - Romans 10:9-10

Who can be saved? - Romans 10:13

Salvation is free! It is God's Love - John 3:16-18

Do we have ever lasting life? - John 5:24; 10:21-31; 1 John 2:1-2; 3:6-10

God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit - John 5:6-8

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